Pre-order Sorrento on Vinyl

September 16, 2016
‘SORRENTO’ is now available for PRE-ORDER on Vinyl!The first 100 copies will be numbered & signed. We hope to have these in your hands by Christmas.

Purchase available through bandcamp!

Physical copies of Sorrento (CD) are also now available for those of you who have been waiting to order!




September 9, 2016

This is coming up quick now…can’t wait to play in 2 of Amsterdam’s most beautiful venues – Paradiso and Vondel Church!




July 13, 2016

Heading out on the road with this guy and his silky smooth voice…tickets are on sale NOW!


June 27, 2016

Anyone gonna come say hi over summer?

We’ll be busking up a storm throughout all of this so watch our Facebook page to see where you might be able to find us…

Europe Summer 16

We made it back to Sorrento!

May 25, 2016

Last month we made it back to to Sorrento!

It wasn’t quite summer…but we tried our best to make the most of the little vitamin D that was thrown our way from time to time.

Summer is (fingers crossed) on it’s way though – we believe in you Europe, you’ve got this!

Sorrento (1 of 1)

Time for an update…

April 8, 2016

We owe you a massive update and we apologise that it has taken us so long!

10 months ago we left home indefinitely and have been essentially “homeless” ever since. We live out of a suitcase which is at least half filled with C.Ds and the rest with the few personal belongings that we still have. We’re getting rid of ‘stuff’ daily to try to save our backs for when we have to lift 30KGs (guitars, amps, mic stands) each down train station stairs…which is most days.

Looking back on the shows that we have played, probably about 80% of them have been pretty shit, and when we consider that statistic, we have to ask ourselves what the fuck we are doing! We travel 100’s of miles and pay ridiculous amounts of money to play, sometimes to 5 people. Or, even worse, to 200 people getting drunk in a massive, rowdy bar.

Pride, or coming across as “cool” is no longer a thing to be concerned with for us. Street music is our bread and butter, and for anyone who has ever played music on the street, you’ll know that you have to have a huge dose of confidence to be able to put your gear down, set up and believe that what you are doing is going to better the atmosphere of the city that you are in. But at the end of the day, it is our job. If we have enough money to sleep somewhere that night or to buy a train ticket to our next destination, then we are winning. Life has become simple and complicated all at once.

Road life is filled with extreme highs and extreme lows. Emotions fly all over the place. Just a couple of weeks ago we went to catch a bus from the top of Germany to the bottom of Germany. The bus driver decided that we would not be getting on that bus because we had a guitar with us (fuck you Mein Fern!). His mind was made up and after trying to battle with him for about 20 minutes (in a language that we know about 20 words tops in), he drove away without us. 5 hours and €200 (aka everything we had) later, we were where we needed to be, playing another show, and sinking mescal like it was water. Instead of being able to go home to the comfort of our own space and say “that was a shit day” we just had to swallow it and keep moving on to our next destination. The following night we hit number 12 on the Netherlands iTunes charts while enduring a 16 hour over night bus ride from Amsterdam to Zurich. Highs and lows!

But amongst the chaos and disappointment of “living the dream”, we have had the best 10 months of our lives, and often find ourselves sitting in a cafe with massive smiles on our faces. It feels like we have cracked life. We get to do what we love every night, we get to see the world while we do it and we get to meet absolutely incredible people almost every day. We are meeting other artists who are throwing us meaty bones left, right and centre, which blows our minds most days. Encouragement is everywhere, inspiration is everywhere and creativity is everywhere – we have written a bunch of new songs that we are really proud of  and we can’t wait to record (soon) and get them out in to the world. All in all we are loving our new life and our crazy role in this world.

If there is anything that we have learnt since our time over here, it is how to be generous (and we are learning through example). We now have “bases” all throughout the UK and Germany – people who have taken us in as family and have been giving beyond words. If we get nothing else out of our time here, we will have learnt how to give. Vielen dank Europe for teaching us small country folk how to do such a thing.

And as for the castles…

castle (1 of 1)

castle 2 (1 of 1)

Heading back to EU

February 28, 2016

Hey Europe we told you we’d be back!!

Can’t wait to revisit some of our favourite spots and discover some new ones!

See you all soon x
A4 Europe 2016

Home Sweet Home

February 23, 2016

We’re about to get in to playing some shows over here in New Zealand!
Mount Maunganui is SOLD OUT!
Still a few tickets left for the Auckland show – get it!!

But first… Mexican Potlucks are what we do best with our favourite people <3


March/April Europe dates coming in the next few days…


December 13, 2015


We’re going to be playing a few small, intimate house shows and we can’t wait to see all of your faces!

Tickets are PAY WHAT YOU WANT and will be very limited. So get in quick (click the appropriate link below).

26/02 – AUCKLAND

We can’t wait to tell you all of our stories and show you some new songs!

J&M x


Coming back to Netherlands!

December 13, 2015

Hey Amsterdam…we have some exciting news.

We’re coming back to The Netherlands and will be playing another show presented by Dotan at Paradiso!

Bring your friends – we can’t wait to get back to your beautiful country!

Follow this here link for tickets and details…